Frédérique BADON

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skilled in Computer Science,
and foreign languages

Educational Background

1997-1998 Engineer Degree in "Hydrogeology & Environment"
Avignon University (France)
1995-1997 Master in "Geosciences & Geotechnics"
Nice-Sophia Antipolis University (France)
1993-1995 Bachelor in "Physics"
Aix-Marseille University (France)
Foreign languages English : fluently
Indonesian : good knowledge
German : basic knowledge
Spanish : beginner ...
Computer Science Modelling and G.I.S. Softwares : VisualModflow, Surfer, Mapinfo, Arcview
Program in : HTML, Visual Basic, Turbo Pascal
Other Softwares : Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop

Professional experience

(15 months)
V.S.I. - Volcanological Survey of Indonesia (Indonesia)
Participation in many volcanological missions, especially in geochemical surveys.
(5 months)
I.R.D. - Research Institut for Development (Senegal, France)
Provoked polarization applied to shale and water contents discrimination.
Experimentations in Oriental Senegal and other sites.
(2 months)
B.R.G.M - Geological and mining surveys (France)
Hydrogeologic synthesis of an alpine area.
Data acquisition, data crosschecking and water data synthesis.
(3 months)
Direction de L'Hydraulique - Energy and hydraulic Ministry (Mauritania)
Villager hydraulic:
- ground water prospecting, geophysics;
- implantation survey;
- conception, technical and financial managment of water service in small urban centers.
(1 month)
C.E.R.E.G.E. - European center of research and teaching in environmental geosciences (France)
1909 Provence Earthquake study:
- bibliographic researches;
- field study, neotectonics signs research.

(1 month)
ANTEA - Water, Environment & Geotechnics surveys (France)
Geotechnical surveys:
- Underground cavities problems;
- Stability problems (filling, slope, cliff, etc.).
(1 month)
Conseil General 13 (France)
Protection and safeguard of sensitive areas.

Further informations

Further experiences
  • Travelling for 14 months (2000-2001) through Asia and Middle-Est : Project to come back to France from Indonesia by land.

  • Teacher at the French Cultural Center in Yogyakarta (Indonesia).

  • Licenses Driving license, Supervising children certificate, Diving license.
    Hobbies Photography, trekking, volley-ball.

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